high heels and grits

high heels and grits: January 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012


There was something different about Farmer J this day. He was acting unusual. I knew he was hiding something from me, but with wedding stressed I figured it had to do with a bill to be paid or an person forgotten on the guest list. Or maybe it was that his dog had just passed away. We decided to go "in to town" as some country folk say. It was going to be a date night at Texas Land and Cattle. When we go in to Lubbock we spend all day there. We get in after noon and stay as long as we can. So this day was no different except that we had reservations for dinner.
We NEVER have reservations for dinner. This made me a little more suspicious. But when we did pull up to TXLC the parking lot was full and there was a wait, so I was happy we did have reservations.
They took us into a private room and Ta-Da!!
It was decked out in balloons and my BEST FRIENDS!!!!
I started to cry...wedding planning is so stressful. With long-distance bridesmaids I didn't think I'd even get a bachelorette party. I was coming to terms with it, but when they came all this way to surprise me I couldn't contain myself!!
Farmer J's Best Man was with us too! This is his wife (my future Sister In Law)
Let's just say all these emotions and the comfort of true friendship helped me let loose!
And a few shots didn't hurt....



Just looking at these photos brings back such great memories!!We are seriously having SO MUCH FUN!
Then, we went dancing... once again, SO MUCH FUN!

The most amazing group of people to spend a night celebrating my future marriage!

Good times!
Farmer J and I actually ended up getting a hotel room where the girls were staying. We all woke up and went to breakfast at IHOP together. A classy, no make up, hung over breakfast. It was awesome. Only with these ladies could we find so much joy in an seemingly awkward situation.