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Friday, May 10, 2013

My plans for Mothers Day

Mothers Day 2009
Me (#1), #3, Mom, Grandma, #2

Unfortunately we are not traveling to Dallas to be with my family on Mother's Day.  I'm seriously bummed about it.  The last time we were in Dallas was for our wedding!  I can't wait to be there on Memorial Day weekend. 

In the past 6 years I have been with my mom on Mother's Day for maybe 2 of those 6 years?  So it's nothing new to be away, but it still tugs at your heart. 

I did send flowers to my mom that she received on Tuesday.  Instead of roses I sent 30 tulips and she sent me an e-mail saying she was "getting tired of roses" so I'm glad I chose the tulips!  I also made it a point to send them early so that she could enjoy them all week.  Boo USPS for not delivering mail on Saturdays...I sent a Papyrus card in the mail, but I have no clue when it will arrive.  I knew the flowers had a better chance arriving before Mother's Day.

Last weekend was supposed to be a "free" weekend with nothing to do...of course it turned into tons of things to do and just all around unproductivity in the housekeeping department.  I am partially to blame because I wanted to take my nieces and nephews shopping for a Mother's Day present for their mom.  She's a single mom, and while my husband has been a part of their life for years, when I brought up the idea to take the kids shopping he was astonished saying "where do you come up with this stuff?!"  It's a girl thing.

So we went to Walmart and seeing those kids pick out presents for their mom was adorable!  Some of them saved up money while others had to ask mom for money.  Some wanted to spend all their money on their mom and others wanted to get the cheapest thing so they would have money left over for themselves.  Auntie Rachel would not allow that.  Just to make a point we went to the toy section so he could see that spending $3 on mom and $7 on yourself was not only WRONG, but impossible.  He couldn't find anything he wanted for $7.  So he spent his money on mom. 

This Friday we offered to babysit the kids while mom goes on a date.  We offered this weeks ago and she took us up on it, but came home 2 hours later.  I know dates, and a date that is 2 hours long is a lame date!  We told her to take her time this Friday. 

While mom is on a date we'll be wrapping Mother's Day presents and filling out this cute questionnaire I found on The Crafting Chicks blog.  You can download it here.

I'm also searching Pinterest for some fun Friday night dinners that these kids will like.  Hubby's idea? Let them eat junk food all night.  Now that's a cool babysitter. 

I'd rather not deal with sugar-rushed children and an irritated husband all night.  So we'll see what I can find....suggestions are most welcomed!  Just leave them in the comments below!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Morning Routine

Remember my morning yoga routine?  Ya, that got old....

I found myself just rushing through the motions and not getting the full experience.  I know yoga is a practice that I need to work at improving, but there are way too many voices in my head at 6 in the morning to keep my focused on yoga.  (Did I brush my teeth?  What will I make for lunch?  What's the weather like outside? What will I wear today!?!?)  

So I went to good ole' Google play store (no iPad here- I'm an Android girl) to find a yoga app.

I found Daily Yoga by imoblife co. ltd (did you know you can download apps/music/etc from your browser and they are sent to your phone or tablet?)


I downloaded the app during the day and was excited to use it the next morning.  Then Farmer J asked me to pick him up at the Corner Lot (he drove a tractor out there and needed a ride back to his truck). While I waited for him to get to a stopping point I decided to get off my rear and do some yoga in the wide open spaces of west Texas.  It was a beautiful day! 

Well, I opened the app and while it had downloaded, I still needed to download each and every yoga session (standing yoga for beginners, sitting yoga for advanced, etc.)  So I winged a mini-yoga session out on the field and waited until I got home to download the sessions.  That's the thing about wide open spaces....no smart phone reception!

Finally yesterday and today I was able to do my first yoga sessions.  They are AWESOME!!!  The music is a little loud and sometimes you can't hear the directions over the music, but I LOVE this app! 
It helps me push myself in each pose.  For example: In mountain pose (which is basically standing up straight), it reminds me to suck in my abs, engage my buttocks and lift my knee caps.  Before I would just stand up straight (focused on my back)...not really taking into consideration the other areas of my body what effect my posture.

Is there another yoga app you use?
My hubby has an iPad, is there a better app available on Apple products I should consider?

Stretching in my yoga High Heels!

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Sunday, May 5, 2013


This month starts the beginning of something good.  Better than my best...

Thanks to Michelle at The Vintage Apple
for the pinterest pin embed tutorial!

High Heels!

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