high heels and grits

high heels and grits: July 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

TGIF: Thank Goodness for Instagram!! (and Fridays)

I am totally in love with Instagram.  You can find me as RachelKellar on Instagram.  When Twitter first came out I thought it would turn into something like Instagram with all the tweets containing photos....but then Instagram came along and twitter remains mainly text and links.

Anyways, every Friday I want to share with you some syncronizing photos from Instagram.  I don't know about you, but I find it thrilling when a friend from NYC is having a snowcone and another friend from Texas is having one too!!  It's so fun when worlds syncronize like that.

Enjoy, follow me on Instagram and enjoy your Friday!!

Beverage Anyone?

   Maybe a Salad?


Two Birthday Celebrations yesterday:



OK, enough of the food... How about Thursday's #photoaday



Finally, Group Shot from two local celebrities

Prophets and Outlaws

OhSoCynthia Blog
Leave your instagram ID in my comments so we can share photos!

p.s. I was able to view these photos on my computer thanks to: ink361.com

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why do I love Social Media?

Sure it is distracting.
It can be addicting.
Some people choose to share hate not love.

But sometimes, and I'm honored to say in the crowd I roll with from San Antonio there is a community.  A community of moms, dads, young adults, millionaires and poor college kids who come together.  I met this group at BMPR The Business Media Public Relations Meet up.  (Did that link work for you? It didn't work for me). 

And one member of this organization reached out to other organization members and did an amazing act in response to Jessica Ghawi's death in Aurora.  Jessica is a San Antonio local who deserves to be surrounded by friends and family as she is buried this weekend.

Read this moving blog post by a wonderful writer @lettergirl here.

-HIGH Heels!!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Site Under construction

Hey followers!

As you can see I'm changing the look for this site.  It might be a little too busy for my taste, but we'll see.  Please excuse the mess it is right now, but come back soon for the edits!

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If you really knew me

Presenting 'If you Really knew me'

inspired by Texas Tanners and The Vintage Apple  

If you REALLY knew me you would know...

I plan weddings over at Kellar Concepts.com

I've never lived outside of Texas, but if the drought comes we're out of here

I do not like to eat pork (that means I don't like bacon *gasp!)

I know nothing about soccer even though my family plays on the professional and college level (Go Bulldogs!)

I shoulda, coulda, might still go to dental school

I love all things social media

I've never dyed my hair and I never plan to

I hate scary movies because of what I think they do to society
Aurora and zombie apocalypse, don't we have better things to talk about and do with our time? Like help make the world a better place

Most of the time I take myself too seriously

I also hate movies where children or animals die just because I'm a softy

I prefer to see the good in someone rather than the bad

I trust my gut

I had an imaginary friend growing up and his name was Uncle John, I think he is my guardian angel

I believe and treasure childhood innocence, it is a precious gift every child deserves

I want to craft more!!

I can't wait to be a farmers wife!

What do I not know about you???

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Group Dealz

Ooowee!  When I saw this post from The Vintage Apple (my all time favorite blogger) I had to share it with you!

GroupDealz.com features stylish products for cheap cheap cheap!

Like this infinity ring, very popular right now and I already know a fellow blogger who will be buying this!

Or this lunch bag: perfect for teachers and kiddos!

or these Bib Statement Necklace's.....hello!  $20!! 
Just the right price to buy the black, grey, turquoise, green, yellow and pink ones.  I love them all!  Could I be thinking bridesmaid gift??

You will need to 'register' on this site to see these deals, like those Groupon sites.  But unlike Groupon, I can actually afford these products and I like what they are selling!  And I just read in their FAQ that many of these our deals are offered by small businesses and stay at home moms.  Go girl power!  I'm happy to help, I hope you are too!

Happy Shopping!

If only they were featuring some
High Heels!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

car + boy

Updating our wedding website I created this fun image!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Standing above the crowd

Monday we were driving along the back country roads checking on the corn and cotton and we see our neighbor planted sunflowers! 

The field hadn't bloomed yet, except for this little guy.

He was saying "Hello! I'm ready to take on the world!  I'm standing above the crowd and I'm living life now not later!"  We passed him and I made the farmer turn around so I could take a picture.  This one flower said a lot to me that day.  I'm more motivated than ever! 

Bring on the world!

and my
High Heels!

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Friday, July 13, 2012


Farmer is growing sesame seed this year.  I'm intrigued to see what a sesame plant looks like. But before the plant you need the seed. 
So what does a sesame seed look like?  Go figure!

I don't know why I thought this seed might look different.  I thought it could be bigger or darker, but nope.  It looks exactly like the top of a BigMac.  Now we'll have to wait and see what the plant looks like.  If the plant looks like a hamburger bun I will have died and gone to fast food heaven!

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What's that smell?

There is this funk I smell whenever I walk into the house. 
The main door we use is the door in the kitchen so I thought it could be old food, the kitchen trash or something rotting in the fridge.  But after cleaning all that out I can still smell it!

It's something I've never smelled before. It's not dog poo or throw up....it doesn't smell like it's from a cow, cat or bird...

Actually it gets stronger as I near the stove...what is that smell?! 
Maybe if I open this cabinet and stick my nose in...oh ya, it's really strong in here. 
what is that next to my pots and pans?
 What is that soft shiny grey lump?

IT'S A MOUSE CARCASS!!! There is a dead mouse in my cabinet!

What happened next was a blur...
I called the Farmer told him I'd be across the street at his sisters because I could not step back in the house.  He came home and threw the mouse away, said it was a small mouse, probably the last of his family.  It ate the poison and had been dead for days.  I scrubbed down every pot and pan and shelf in the kitchen.  Made sure there was more poison. 

And now I find myself tiptoeing through the kitchen so I don't disturb the ghost of our first mouse. 

Eek! Country living at it's finest...this is a day I miss the city.


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Green Acres

Just the other day I received a package in my PO Box: a DVD of Green Acres Season 1.  If you haven't seen this show, I'm sure you've heard the theme song

Now that you have the theme song stuck in your head....join me and falling in love with this couple!  Not only are they hilarious but they remind me of my Farmer and me.  Eddie Albert plays Oliver Wendell Douglas, a New York City lawyer who buys a farm in Hooterville.  Why?  Because he was born on a farm...but his mother argues he only lived on the farm for 2 months before they moved to New York.  He insists it is in his blood.  His wife Lisa Douglas, played by Eva Gabor, is less than thrilled about moving to the farm.  She doesn't cook, she doesn't clean, she shops on 5th Avenue and is a city girl from head to toe.  Once Oliver gets her to the farm she can't help but point out that Hooterville is NOT New York.  In the end, she does promise to stay on the farm for 6 months. 

My Farmer and I have a lot in common with this couple.  For example:

Oliver begs Lisa not to leave him
Lisa asks Oliver to help out around the house but he can't commit until after harvest season.
Everything moves slow in the country
     power in 8 months says the General store owner San Drucker
     No phone line in the house <-- remember my lack of internet?
     Lisa asks to move back to NYC on a daily basis....well I don't ask every day

Ok, well my farmer isn't a lawyer gone mad, he's a tried and true farm boy.  And I don't shop 5th Avenue.  But I have a feeling we'll be able to relate to this 60's TV show and it will help us understand each other along the way!

I am so tempted to have a photo op with my Farmer and me staged like the following: 

Yay? Nay?
I'd get to wear my diamonds and high heels!

High Heels

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's for sssssupper?

I've officially 'Gone Country'.  Farmer's dad showed up from work with a sealed shut box.  Not that big of a deal right?  Until the box starts hissing at you and you realize there is a rattlesnake inside it! 

Let's reference our 'Girls Guide to the Wilderness' here and learn a little about rattlesnakes...
Nevermind! That thing looks scary let's skip to the safety section!!
  • venomous
  • leading cause of snakebite injuries
  • cause of 82% fatalities (if untreated)
  • rarely bite unless provoked or threatened
  • must seek medical care immediately
Well, Farmer has him in a plastic bucket with no air and no view of the outside.  I'm guessing this snake feels threatened and provoked.  To be the loving fiance I am I agree to looking at the snake, but only after I am safely behind our glass door separating him and the snake to the outdoors and me indoors.

The poor snake died the next day.  A famous old wives tale out here says:
                  Kill the snake, bury the head and hang the body.  Rain will come soon.
West Texas is DRY so I agree to this slaughter but I did not agree to what happened next! 

We cooked the snake.  I marinated it in oil, vinegar, wine and spice for two days (we went out of town) and then fried it in a pan.  Mentally I couldn't bring myself to enjoy the snake meat.  But I did taste it.  It was quite chewy and sticky.  Farmer liked it, he said it tasted like chicken.  And Farmers Grandmother knows all the wise tale stories about eating snake so she gobbled it all up. 

Farmer did skin the snake so we have a 3 foot snake skin I have no clue what to do with and a 8 rattle tail.  Next time he brings home a box it better be chocolate!


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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I vote the 4th is always a weekend

I can't believe I'm at work today - It's the day after a holiday!  Anyone else exhausted from their 4th of July celebrations?  No, I didn't drink any alcohol... I just didn't realize how late the sun sets in the summer.  It's usually nice to have the long evenings and nights, but when your entertainment can't start until the sun sets...it's a bummer.  Nevertheless, we had a good time watching fireworks.  I've seen better in the city *cringe* sorry!  But it was incredibly relaxing sitting on the lake wrapped up in a blanket with my fiance jumping at the loud BANG! of the beautiful fireworks.  They did seem louder than usual...maybe because the city noise wasn't interfering. 

I pray you were all safe and enjoy the rest of your week!  Today is my Friday!!!

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