high heels and grits

high heels and grits: May 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

www dot not

One of my week 1 goals was to get the internet up and running at this house. This has proved more difficult than i expected.

1) There are no land lines out here. No cable. No fiber optics. No DSL, ethernet, etc and so on. There is only wireless internet. Not the wireless that connects to a router (while that is possible) but wireless that is on top of your house searching for the dish across town.

2) This dish isn't on a conveniently tall antenna pole (see photo). No it's on top of the tallest thing in town, a cotton gin. And if that cotton gin is at the lowest point in town you are outta luck. (see photo, antenna far left side).

3) Final piece of the mud pie: This house has trees blocking the view from the top of our roof to the cotton gin antenna. The Farmer has to build a lightning pole so that the internet company can install their wireless connection. Did I mention this pole needs to raise up and down so that the installation guy doesn't have to climb up it? (Because trust me, this big guy couldn't climb it if his life depended on it) Did I also mention this only is for 1G speed? Our town doesn't get 3G.

But Rachel how are you writing this amazing blog with no spelling or grammer errors? (Ha!) I'm writing this on my new android RAZR. Its my mini computer helping me stay connected in a major way.