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high heels and grits: February 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm so over Winter

I was totally fine with a winter wedding that may have been snowed in because I was looking forward to my Caribbean honeymoon!  But the honeymoon was cancelled and life goes on as usual, but my beach craving hasn't been fulfilled!

After being snowed in this week, I went to the mall today and saw all the bright colors getting ready for spring so I thought I'd share some Pinterest finds for my perfect beach vacation!

First up: Neiman Marcus The Art of Travel Pinterest board




Then the more-in-my-price-range: Nordstrom's Nordstrom Catalog Pinterest board




and finally a mix of things I can and will buy as soon as possible:

Lilly Pulitzer has a Resort 2012 board up already!
 mod cloth is a new-to-me dress site that I love!
All found on Pinterest

and good ole' Roxy is just beachy fun!

Are you ready for summer?  How much of your wardrobe do you reuse/donate/buy new?

Bring on the sun and get me to a beach!!


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Texas Sized Blizzard!

If you follow High Heels and Grits on twitter or Instagram you probably saw what happened this weekend.  A Texas sized blizzard!  Now, a Texas sized blizzard isn't the usual "everything's bigger in Texas" blizzard.  It's a one foot of snow blizzard.  But that's the amount of snow Texas gets in a decade.  So I'm calling it a Texas Sized Blizzard!!!

Out here in West Texas, in between Amarillo and Lubbock, we got a little bit of snow on Thursday.

This is my drive to Lubbock on Thursday, nothing to write home about
Even Max asked "Why are you taking my picture you crazy lady it's just a little snow"

Friday was a beautiful day with no snow or rain.  I went out to Amarillo to visit my sister-in-law.

Saturday we were out at the barn.  Dogs were running around and even drove home in the bed of the truck. 
Everyone did great until Ranger decided to jump out a quarter mile from the house.  He survived with no injuries, but he was definitely in shock for a while.  Silly dog. 

Sunday night we had youth group and almost cancelled because of the Blizzard warning we got on our phones.  But we stuck with it and had a great time with the teens.  Everyone made it home safely, as the blizzard rolled in over night.

I woke up Monday morning to this view.

Stepped outside to take out the dogs and couldn't see a thing.  This is a still shot.  The wind is blowing snow 34mph!!
We stayed inside for most of the day.  I led my nieces and nephews in a much needed yoga session.  Which wasn't as relaxing as yoga usual (they are 6, 7, and 9 years old).  But it did stretch out our couch potato bodies.  The wind didn't stop until the afternoon, and as soon as it did we were outside!
Hubby shoveled the walkway for us. 
The truck was full of snow!  So we took the work truck into town to check out the damage.  I think J really wanted to look for people in distress.  Every stranded car we came across he'd slow down and make sure there was no one inside.  He loves his truck and handles it great in rain, snow and mud so I'd trust him to pull me out of any ditch!

Thoughout the day I learned something new about our small town.  They love their town!  The first road cleared after the storm was Main street.  Main Street isn't a interstate or TX Hwy, it's just a little road through town.  But it's OUR road and it's gotta be clean.

A big pile of show in the middle of Main Street

 Main St.
None of the shops were open...but Main Street was clear!
To give you an idea of the amount of snow...Here's a before and after.
Official reports say 7".  I say between 16"-24"!!
This is my first blizzard, so maybe things were a little exagerated in my eyes.
There is ONE thing this city girls knows about snow:
 Don't eat the yellow snow!!
We didn't eat yellow snow and we survived just fine.  I hear it was only 3" or so in Lubbock, so I'm glad my little town the amount it did!  Snow slowly melts into the ground.  There are still huge piles of snow across town and on the fields!  Praying for a great crop this year and a full water well!

Have you ever been in a blizzard before?  What was your experience like?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

How to add a signature on each post

This blog is slowly coming together....I sincerely thank you for your patience! 

I can't decide on a background or concept for the blog just yet, so I'm still experimenting.  In my experiences I learned that changing the background also meant changing the twitter buttons, font colors, signature, etc.  What a hassel!

However you may have noticed a while back I learned how to add a signature on my blog posts. 

I stumbled upon this website that guides you through how to add this html code.  Ekk! html code? sounds scary right?  It totally isn't. 

The website I used it totally ugly, but I don't have a fancy computer or Mac. I googled 'add signature to blog' and alot of bloggers use fancy editing programs.  I don't have photoshop or adobe or any of those pretty programs.  I use Microsoft paint for most of my cropping and images.  I'm sure some of you bloggers are cringing now, but I am saving up for a Mac.  But until then you can google another way to use your fancy program or you can read my tutorial below!

Click here to do it on your own and read along for my directions:

Step 1 Enter your name
Step 2 Choose your font
Step 3 Choose the size

 Step 4 Choose the color.  I kept my background transparent so that I could revise my blog background whenever I'd like and not need to change the color of the signature box

 Step 5 Set the slope I like this option because it gives the signature a little more personality, what do you think?


Signature is ready!  Click on 'Want to use this signature' in order to get the HTML code

Generate the HTML code

Preview Code and copy (Ctrl+C)

 Log in to your blog visit Settings/Posts and Comments and insert in the post template.

Easy peasy!

Great tutorial for bloggers on how to add a custom signature to each post!

High Heels!


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Friday, February 22, 2013

Bridal Portraits

I still don't have wedding photos, but I do have these bridals from January.  My dream was to have them in a cotton field at sunset.  And we got it!  I was a little nervous at first, I think you can tell in the photos.  But by the end of the shoot I was comfortable and at ease.  Those photos came out the best!

This last photo was the portrait featured at the wedding.  It was a huge hit!

High Heels!

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