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high heels and grits: April 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tragedy in Boston hits close to home

Let me tell you how I heard the news. 

My bridesmaid, Ally had a birthday April 9th and she was running the Boston Marathon on April 15th.  I was out of town on her birthday, so I was buying her a Boston Marathon t-shirt online for her birthday/congrats on running your 2nd marathon.  I pressed BUY and went to check on her race time online.  She wasn't quite done with her run and had the last few miles to go.  Her boyfriend had finished his and he did great! 

I'm at my desk when my other bridesmaid Google messages me saying "Holy Crap Boston" to which I reply "was that meant for me?" and then she tells me bombs went off at the finish line.  The finish line ?!  The one Ally hasn't crossed yet??  Or did she cross when the bombs went off? 

I can't even explain to you what I was feeling at that moment.  Time stood still.  It was like my friendship with Ally passed before my eyes, but then it didn't.  I knew she was ok, but I didn't know.  I wanted to see photos and video of what happened, but then I didn't.  Within the minute, we knew Ally and her boyfriend were ok.  They were 2 blocks from the finish line.  Ally had finished the race, they just hadn't updated her finish time.  Now's the time you start thinking "Well, what if it had been a bigger bomb? What if she hadn't pushed herself to run faster?  What if, What if, What if I hadn't said my morning rosary and included her in it?" 

In the end, it's not up to us to question the events of the day.  It's up to God to make them happen.  Are prayers answered?  Sometimes.  Is God's will done?  Yes. Every time. 

Ally and her boyfriend
A kiss never tasted so sweet...

This post isn't about me or my friend Ally.  It's just another way to always remember the souls who left this earth that day.

Krystle Campbell
AP Photo/Campbell Family

Martin Richard

Lu Lingzi

And let us be forever thankful for the heroes who emerged from the rubble. 

Source: Charles Krupa—AP
The father of 2 military veterans, both of which are deceased, found courage to help others

The mother and daughter (npr.org link) who found encouragement in the hospital when visited by two military amputees. 
That npr.org link is a GREAT interview
The stranger who loaned her phone to help runners call family (first-hand blog post immediately following attack)

And those runners who KEPT RUNNING to donate blood for the injured. 
When was the last time you donated blood?

While there are High Heels and Grits all over this story, it is more fitting to sign off saying
Call your family, say your prayers, spread love, and
God Bless America

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